H. Range

The H range pre-date the S range and thus are somewhat less common. The various model numbers will be catalogued as they become available, but the range does appear to have common characteristics worth noting:

  • The model number is normally found around the base of the pen, but  this can include anywhere so far up as to be level will the bottom of the lever.
  • The barrel Stamp consistently bears the name "SUMMIT" below which is the word "Velvet tip" on mottled pens, or "Unbreakable" on plastic pens.
  • The furnishings appear to fall into one of two patterns :
A riveted "Curzons" clip with a straight, unmarked, lever.
A non-riveted clip and lollypop level both bearing the CL logo or "Curzons"

H clips

H lever

The evidence currently available would suggest that the H Range was introduced in the late 1920's and was superseded by the earliest of the S range by the mid 1930's. A number of the earlier S models seem to be their H number equivalent, merely having the prefix updated.

Until these models are given sections of their own, here is information on some additional models:



The lowest model number i have come across to date. The H.55 is 5 1/4" in length, has the 'curzon' marked lollipop lever, and comes with a warranted 14ct nib. I suspect that the accommodation clip is not original to the pen.

H55 model 


A blacked chased lever filler measuring in at 5 1/2". The lever is the lollipop type, sporting the word "CURZONS" and the nib is the  "Warranted 14 ct" type.

Curzons lever

The only example I currently have did not come with a pocket clip. However this model was also the basis for Lang manufactured  "THE WHITEHALL PEN" , which does come with a fixed pocket clip.

H 60 & Whitehall

above: The Whitehall Pen with the H.60 below

below: The H.60 Barrel Stamp / model ID No



Measuring exactly the same length and girth as the H.60 above, the main difference, in addition to the metal furnishing, is the more prenounced dome shape at the top of the cap.


above: The H.75   below: The identifying barrel stamp

H75 BS