top lever

Brought to market in 1926 as the "Top Lever Pen", Steve Hull suggests that it was originally manufactured by the ill fated Maypen Ltd of Twickenham, with Curzon's involvement being as the sole selling agent. When Maypen ceased trading in late1927 production transfered to Liverpool, with the model being renamed as "Debrett's". It  fitted into the popular "Half Guinea" (10/6) price band, and came with a 25 year guarantee,  Production ceased in 1930

A bland 'flat top' pen  it is notable only for its filling mechanism, although  Curzons also pushed its large ink capacity. In today's terminology the filling mechanism can probably be described as a (red) lever located on the blind cap, which when extended operates the button-filler mechanism that sits under the cap.

The only example that I have seen is of Black HR, measures approx 136mm, and did not have a pocket clip. However, advertising shows the model also with the standard Curzons riveted clip. 






The nib on the Curzon version of this pen was 14ct, and carried the name Debrett's & Top-Lever (see below):

top lever nib