Other 'Brand Specific' Fountain Pen websites that might be of interest include:

Parker Pen Collector   ; Tony Fischier's superb site on all things Parker

Burnhamography   :  Alan Charlton's detailed history of the Burnham company

Conway Stewart Book of Numbers :  I believe this is now maintained by David Wells 

Pensbury Manor : Syd Saperstein's  Wahl-Eversharp site,  

Vintage nibs: An interesting exploration of early Esterbrook Pens  

 The Neptune Pen :  A site run by Mike Bryan detailing the history of Burge, Warren, & Ridgley.

Pen Classics:  Interesting site  from the New Zealand based Rodger Bamford, with a focus on Japanese pens.

 Mabie Todd: A newly launched labour of love that is going to become very useful 


The best General Fountain Pen Discussion Boards are;

The Fountain Pen Board:   less busy, quality content  

The Fountain Pen Network: hectic, covers most areas 


Places to find  pens for sale:

Noyesville Pens: A new venture by David Silber focusing on affordable US pens 

Writetime :  For a wide range of English made pens, including a large choice of Conway Stewart's.

Penamie: Brian Toynton's site offering quality pens from around the world,  

Distinctive Fountain Pens: New site by Peter Farrell - Pen sales /  Parts exchange included 

And other pen related links:

Bills Pen Links: Collectors, Dealers, Supplies, can all be found here.   

Goodwriters: Active & interesting blog touching on all things related to vintage pens