SUMMIT S75 / S90


This model seems to turn up rather infrequently, and when it does it is usually in black, or discolored variations of. Here are two such examples I have:


It was made in marble, models of which can be considered rather hard to come by:

S75 red marble

S75 Barrel stamp

I believe Lang produced items that were based upon the S.75 :

blue peak

 This "Blue Peak" pen was marketed by a medium sized office supplies company based in Glamorgan, and the instruction leaflet enclosed in the box suggests a date of May 1946.

Note the unusual (for Summit) teardrop style to the pocket clip of the S.75


A smaller stubby pen that appears to have been produced for a short period of time immediately following (or possibly overlapping) the final days of the H range. The materials used would appear to be the same as that found on some of the later H models. 

S 77


The S.80 model was a small, pocket type pen, measuring 112mm, and dating from the end of the 1940's.The nib was a summit branded 14 ct gold, and the barrel stamp is located below the barrel threads. I currently believe it was only produced in the standard Summit plain colours - Black, Grey, Blue, Green, & Maroon.   


above: S.80 in Green & Maroon

below: S.80 Barrel stamp & price label 15/- (75p) 

s80 bs 


Probably intended for the Student Market this is a less common model that is well worth seeking out. well built, fitted with a 14ct nib, and measuring just under 5" it would still make a good pen for daily use:

S.85 Cub 

Note that both the 14ct gold nib and the pocket clip carry the Cub name:

Cub nib


Another rarely seen model, this features a Button Filler design, with dimensions that are a slim 5". Here the pen is matched with the P.90 mechanical pencil

S90 boxed set

S90 Barrel Stamp