SUMMIT 160 (and S.130)


Appears to have only existed as a later model number, being a slightly more affordable version of the S185 (27/6 compared with the 30/- price of the flagship model in 1952).

It is marginally slimmer than the S185, and 2mm longer. The visual differences are that the S160 is a single jewel model, and has a single medium-width capband. The model seems to have come with a branded 14ct Summit nib as standard.

Known to exist in the standard 5 Summit colours (Black, Dark Blue, Pale Grey, Bottle Green, Maroon)



Above: S160 in Black and green, with a clear chased pattern.

Below: Barrel Stamp located below the barrel thread

160 bs 

 The S.160 could be purchased as a box set accompanied by a matching Mechanical Pencil or a Matching Ball Point. I am unaware of a trio being made (so far):

Below : S160 with matching Mechanical pencil, mint.

2nd Below : S160 with matching Ball Point - photo from ebay  (the price tag might suggest that this was firesale stock at about the time the company closed)

160 mp


160 bp 

And finally a match trio in Pale Grey, although it did not come in a box so I am unable to state catagorically that the were available as such. Of interest here is the Ball Point, which is of much better quality than the Summit Scribbler, and retainsthe  original BP ink cartridge. This resembles the modern Bic refills, but carries the Summit imprint and the Patent No  573717:




The S.130 appears be exactly the same as the S.160 in every respect, except it lacks the goldplated trim. This cheaper model retailed at 25/-