This model seems to be rather scarce. The two examples I have come across are both unusual:

The S.200 eyedropper

This item was purchased from India, so it is likely that the eyedropper filling mechanism was developed for the 'colonial market'. The barrel has Summit S.200 engraved just below the clutch ring.


S.200 ink dropper

The S.200 Button Filler

It appears that for the home market the model was, somewhat unusually for Curzon, of the button filler type. This does not appear to carry the model details below the clutch ring, but otherwise it appears very similar to the eyedropper shown above.

S.200 bf

S.200 bf open

Both examples have a metal cap marked ‘Rolled Gold’ ‘Made in England’ and “Summit” around the base,  and a narrow ’over the top’ clip also marked Summit. The pen measures 138mm capped, and carries a warranted 14ct nib