The S.185 was introduced at the end of 1946, as the 'new' Summit company's flagship pen. In keeping with the austerity of the period, the colours on offer were restricted to plain colours black, dark blue, Bottle Green, Maroon, and Grey. The pen offered the "Anchor Grip" pocket clip, awide cap-band, and a good sized 14ct Summit  nib was standard. The retail price when it came to market was 27/6 (£1.37p)


185 black and blue

185 black


185 pack 

This package originally contained 6 S.185's (3xblack, one each Blue, Grey, Green).


The pen featured repeatedly on the company's advertising during the period:

dearing ad

Prices rose rapidly at the end of the 40's, and  in the first two  years of the next decade, with the retail price of a S.185 peaking at 39/-. However from the end of 1952, with the company finances being squeezed, prices across the product range were slashed. The pens above date from 1953, and show a price of 30/- (£1.50, less than half the cost of a Parker 51).